A glimpse of tech imitation in China

Every once in a while I travel back to China to visit my family and friends. China is a wonderful country and I urge all of you to visit. Its rich culture and delicious food will never make you forget. However, there is one thing I can’t stand in China and that would be the COPYCATS.

Yes, China is filled with copycats. In fact it is one of major factors that affect China’s international image. Since intellectual property laws in China are premature due to lack of enforcements, small businesses tend to think that it is totally alright to rip off foreign corporations. Local Chinese people are fully aware of the situation. They even came up with a term for rip offs called Shanzhai, meaning products manufactured in the mountain villas.

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This is why I don’t like Android


I am always a loyal iOS user when it comes to mobile computing. In my opinion, iOS is the best mobile operating system on the planet. The iPhones and iPads are finest examples of seamless integration between software and hardware.

But there’s another mobile operating system called Android……..

Android is the main competitor of iOS. It is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Even though both iOS and Android are based on the UNIX system, the main difference between the two is their source model. iOS is closed source and Android is open source.


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