TechnoChina Podcast (Four Episodes)

The field of information technology is very different in the world’s most populated nation. In the recent years, China has strived to overtake the influence of the Silicon Valley by adapting new concepts ahead of developed economies. TechnoChina takes you on a journey that uncovers the technological Shangri-La in modern China.

Episode One (The Android Anarchy)

Google’s absence in China has left its Android child in an awkward position. The platform has became an intense battlefield for Chinese developers.

Episode Two (Smartphone Is Your New Wallet)

Forgetting your wallet is no longer an excuse in China. A smartphone is all you need to survive the day.

Episode Three (Application All-In-One)

WeChat will help you to contact your friend and order your food. All you need is some battery power and some money in your account.

Episode Four (The Chinese Shopping Sprees)

You think Amazon is amazing? Taobao and JD.com from China will change your perspective toward online shopping.