The Age of Drone or The Age of Doom?

Picture of General Atomics MQ-1 Predator

General Atomics MQ-1 Predator (U.S. Air Force)

Drone is an object that we used to associate with the unmanned military aircraft that hunt down terrorism while causing diplomatic troubles around the world. As the largest operator of military drones, the United States Armed Forces have launched over 620 drone attacks in the name of “War on Terror” during the past decade, which resulted in more than 800 civilian casualties in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Almost all of the strikes were launched by pilots who bunkered in an underground base in Nevada, eating burgers and controlling joystick as if they were playing a video game.

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The double standard of surveillance

Picture of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions surveillance? Some of you might think about the closed-circuit televisions around the street or the little piece of bandage you stick onto your laptop’s webcam. News sensitive individuals might relate all surveillance topics to one person – Edward Snowden. Indeed, the ethical issues behind public surveillance has become an important topic in the 21st century, especially after the tragedy of terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001.

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