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Online intimacy, is it safe?

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A folder with popular social media applications

When it comes to intimate media, we’ll have to brief ourselves about the current state of the Internet. In simple terms, people are communicating with their genitals and this is very dangerous. We have never imagined the Internet to be like this. The founder of World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee, probably has never thought that his beloved information space would be used one day to transfer terabytes of intimate messages and private pictures. Although the Internet has made the world a smaller place by connecting everyone on the planet, it made more people to shut themselves behind the door and embrace the virtual world.

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Promoting women in tech

Picture of Women in Tech Roundtables

Women in Tech Roundtables

The field of information technology isn’t traditionally an ideal career path for women. In the recent years however, multinational corporations are promoting more women to step into the field of information technology and computer science. Initiatives such as Women in Technology International (WITI) and Girls Who Code are created to help women to succeed in the world of information technology.

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